DJ Robot “Lynx” will involve the audience and deliver an “extraordinary music experience”!

Hi, my name is REI Yamazaki, and I am the leader of DJ Robotics. I am currently a member of a second-year college of technology (equivalent to a fourth-year college student). Our team members are mainly technical college students and graduates!

Connecting people with “DJ robots that spin the world” to bring “excitement” and “inspiration” to the world!

We are building a robot with such a grand goal in mind. This “DJ Robotics” project was selected as a semi-finalist out of 1,470 applicants at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s TSG2020 business contest!

We will transmit a whole new entertainment experience from Tokyo.

Lynx design ideas
Lynx arm finished image

We are currently preparing to ask for your donations to help us develop our first unit, Lynx.

We want our robots to have an emotional value, so we are developing robots that physically DJ.

However, because of the huge amount of money needed for development, we have decided to raise funds through donations.

Please check out our fundraising page to see how we’ll be able to offer our supporters some of the most attractive gifts that only “DJ Robot Lynx” can offer!


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