Supporters Recruitment Guide

Crowdfunding in Japan was launched on November 25, but it did not respond to overseas support.
In response to the many voices of our overseas supporters, we have started a fundraising campaign for our overseas supporters using the PayPal service!

This is a unique return for DJ Robotics!
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We want our robots to have emotional value, and we are developing a robot that physically DJs. However, we have decided to solicit support for this project because of the huge amount of money required for development. We have prepared an attractive return for our supporters that is unique to our DJ robot Lynx, so we hope you’ll read to the end! (Returns are available for multiple purchases!)


I had been doing my graduation research with the goal of creating a robot that could directly help people. However, when I participated in the production of a piano-playing robot used in the filming of a TV drama, the response was greater than the technology, and I realized that “robots move people’s hearts”. Therefore, we aim to realize a society where robots and people can coexist in harmony by creating a theme park where robots and people can get together and be excited and moved by each other. As the first step in this theme park, we will create a DJ robot called Lynx that can “spin the world”!


The future we at DJ Robotics want to achieve is a society in which humans and humanoid robots can coexist, and in which robots can play an active role in the places around us for the benefit of people. In recent years, the demand for nursing care robots has been increasing due to Japan’s super-aging society. On the other hand, users have a fear of robots that come into direct contact with the human body, such as nursing care robots. Some research suggests that these feelings are due to factors such as the speed and facial expressions of the robots. We believe that the most fundamental cause of this is the current situation where there are almost no robots in human living space. Therefore, we are proposing the idea of developing “robots that can communicate spatially with humans” so that the distance between humans and robots can be shortened.
 As a first step, we, who love club music, will develop a human-shaped DJ robot that can communicate spatially with a large number of people (sharing a sense of atmosphere) for one robot. If more people become attached to robots through this activity, we believe that in the future it will be easier to introduce robots not only to nursing care facilities but also to private life.


Prototype ▷︎︎ ▷︎ Completion of the first unit

Expensive parts, such as prototype motors, are borrowed and will have to be returned at some point. However, preparing such expensive high-torque servomotors, materials, etc. on your own cannot be done overnight. In order to develop a high quality DJ robot with a sense of speed, funding is essential.

That’s where we come in! A partial return of funds will be pre-selling tickets to the unveiling event! It’s a great idea to kill two birds with one stone, which can simultaneously identify the development funds and mobilization numbers. It’s a great idea to kill two birds with one stone. It’s a good idea to kill two birds with one stone. There are other attractive returns as well!

Details of the event

Name : Lynx Opening Event (tentative)
Date and time : Mid-August 2021
Venue : Online
Organizer : DJ Robotics & Sponsor
Official website :
* Tickets are valid from August 2021 to December 2021.
* Tickets for online events are limited to 100 people.


Robot Design Ideas
Face Design ver1
Robot hand finished image

The prototype is being built for experimentation, operation check and programming. The first one (Lynx) will have an exterior that is less rugged and more familiar, not only in terms of structure and movement, but also in terms of appearance. We are going to create a Lynx that you will be able to relate to, so look forward to it!


And when the DJ Robot Lynx is completed, we will perform it at the event.

If you support us, we’ll invite you to the event at a special price!

In the setting, the robot moves of its own volition, but inside the robot, the AI observes the audience and Twitter and selects songs, or creates new songs and sounds, allowing for mutual spatial and Internet-based communication between the robot and human. We believe that the true value of a DJ robot is to provide space and opportunities for humans and robots to experience a sense of togetherness through music, the only common language.


In order to create a sense of intimacy with the robot, we have created an original story of “Lynx”. We’ll share some of them with you this time!

The Original Story of Lynx

Synopsis… “I’m building a free-moving robot body for a ‘Lynx’ that only has a mind. It’s like creating a body to hold a soul. This might remind you of the seven days in the Old Testament when God created the world, and you might say, “Who the hell do you think you are? Of course, I don’t mean it, but that’s not necessarily true when I think about that guy who gave me Lynx and then disappeared. “He came to me like a god coming to meet a human being.
 When he was a high school student, Rihito, who is developing robots in his graduate school, reminisces about “That Guy” he met when he was a college student. He recalls meeting “That Guy” when he was a high school student. At that time, Rihito was leading an ordinary life, when “That Guy” suddenly appeared to him from another world and pompously asked him to create a body for an incorporeal child in exchange for granting him a wish. It’s an incomprehensible request, but Ririto reluctantly agrees to it, because he has a wish.
 Is it possible to put a human spirit into a robot’s body? At a time when robots are being developed under the coronavirus, the relationship between robots and humans is being questioned.

Support us and be the first to know about the story!!

Read more! (May 20, 2021 Open to the public!)


First target: August 2021

 Completion of the first unit

  Produce hardware with homemade parts

  Mounting of the exterior

  Links to social networking sites

— This is the goal of this project —

Second target: December 2022

Completion of the second unit

Beyond that:

We will develop a humanoid robot that will be able to work by hand in the future. We expect this robot to be versatile and to play an active role in more living spaces.

For example, it can guide customers and line up them at an event or amusement park. As a robot to help people living alone with their shopping and housework.

We would like to create a society in which robots are more familiar to us, with an eye toward applications in various scenes, such as entertainment and community reconstruction.


Number of units (5000 yen per unit)403020104321
Activity Report
Invitation to a private Facebook group
Online Event Tickets
Name in credits
Supporters’ names on the site
Logo placement in various promotional media
Distribution of your company’s PR materials at various events
Include your company’s name in the name of the event (Sponsored by ●●)
Your company’s logo on the robot’s exterior


As mentioned above, the funds we received this time will be used carefully for the development of the robot. In addition, we will send activity reports every two months to those who support us so that you can follow the progress and how the funds are being used.

We are proud to say that the higher the amount of support, the faster we can build a high-quality robot, such as by renting a warehouse, the faster we can build a high-quality robot. We look forward to your support to get this project off to a strong start!

Thank you for reading to the end.
We hope you can feel our passion.